making my own story

Making My Own Story/ Fazendo Minha História provides modes of expression to every child and adolescent living in a shelter that aids them in connecting with and registering their life story. read +

nós group/adolescents

The grupo nÓs facilitates the transition process of adolescents in foster care and in shelters to an adult life increasing their sense of belonging to the community. read +


affective sponsorship

Provides family and community experience to children and adolescents in care with fragile or broken family ties, which have remote chances of adoption or family reintegration. read+

professional education

Offers professional education and supervision for all the workers and caregivers. read+


Offers free and individualized psychological treatment for children and adolescents living in shelters. read+


foster family

It offers a host family service for babies from 0 to 2 years. read+